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Christmas 2018

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While I’m waiting for my jewellery kiln to warm up I thought I’d write and tell you about recent events.

We’ve been down to London twice in the last month for a christening and then a funeral, so I’ve had a break from arts and crafts.  Now, however, I’m off for Christmas and I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to finish or get started on.  Christmas is my favourite time of the year.  I’ve been up since 8am this morning making gingerbread loaves for friends.  Now I’m in the shed working on a new miniature enamel painting of two grebes doing their mating dance.  If the first one goes well I might make it into a triptych.

While we were in London for the christening my long-suffering Canon EOS 300D camera died.  It’s well over 15 years old and has served me well as I love photography and tend to take my camera everywhere.  I knew the technology was getting old but I’m not one to throw something away while it’s still working and I couldn’t really afford a new one.  Well the decision was made for me as the mirror inside the camera stopped moving.  I decided to bite the bullet and have just upgraded to an EOS 800D.  What surprised me most was how far camera tech has come on since I bought the 300D.  I was amazed and you should have seen my face when I realised the screen on the back was also a touch screen!  I am chuffed with it and I can highly recommend the company I bought it from – HDEW Cameras.

I delivered the commission of ‘Isla and Belle’ to their owners recently and I’m pleased to say they really love it.  Isla and Belle live next to the sea so they spend most of the time on the beach at St Bees.  That’s the Isle of Man in the background (below), and a squall of rain coming over (as it tends to rain a lot here – in fact it’s raining now!).


Isla and Belle cockapoo watercolour painting

Isla and Belle cockapoo watercolour painting


I’ve also done a couple of little sketches recently.  One is for a Christmas present so I will reveal it in the new year, but I’ve done a couple of little ditties just for myself (below).  The one on the left is the second version I’ve done of this painting of one of my previous guinea pigs, Lady Mistletoe.  I’ve always loved the image.  The one on the right is Kizzy with paintbrushes, lying on rags in the studio.





I love the contrast of monochrome pencil with a splash of watercolour.  The painting below of a Herdwick sheep with a red scarf went to hang at a show to raise money for a local school.



Christmas Herdwick

Christmas Herdwick



Recently I also got some greetings cards printed from my two Bengal cat watercolour paintings – ‘Singer’ and ‘HMV’.  They’re currently available to buy in my Etsy shop.  I’m really proud of them.  They’re blank inside and perfect for any cat lover in your life!




I’ll be writing again around Christmas with my usual update on how we have raised together for charity this year from donations through purchases from my Etsy shop.


See you soon and I hope the run up to Christmas is a happy one for you!


Kelly x







Hope to see you again soon!


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