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Just a quick post to update you on the progress of ‘Le Jardinier’.  It’s been very cold recently, and although the west coast of Cumbria got off lightly with the snow even I decided not to ‘shed it’ one particulary freezing day lasy week.  Instead I lazed about on the sofa with Kizzy and I felt no guilt at all!

Today the bitter weather has turned milder so I’m back down the shed again, continuing with my painting.  I never thought I’d say this, but it’s actually nice to see a bit of rain, especially as the rain softens the ground so the birds are able to find insect food.  I feed the birds all the year round and they’ve been happy to see my full feeder and mealworms scattered beside the pond.  Speaking of which, I’ve had to boot ice off the top of the pond for a few days, making sure I do it with the welly that hasn’t got the hole in!


Le Jardinier watercolour portrait of a black cat with garden tools and flowers.

Le Jardinier watercolour portrait of a black cat with garden tools and flowers.


I’ve also been creating wedding bags.  There’s something about satin fabric that I really love.  I like to have a focal point on the wedding bags, be it a ‘bit of bling’ like the bag below right, or some beautiful Indian trim from Aarti J Trims (below left).  I quilt the front and hand sew Swarovski pearls and crystals to the satin.  These are currently available in my Etsy shop at www.benjablue.com.



And finally, I was really pleased that I was included in Feedspot’s Top 25 Wildlife Art Blogs.  Made my day, actually!

Speak to you later!



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