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Firstly I’d like to introduce the newest member of our rescued animal family.  Meet Custard Cream (below), who came to live with us in August from less-than-ideal cirsumstances.  Although I’ve looked after many hamsters for friends during holidays I’ve never had one of my own, so I’m enjoying the experience.  He’s a real sweetie and enjoys posing for photos.  When he popped his head out upside-down from his bed this morning to say ‘hello’ I swear my heart melted on the spot!




Speaking of animals, I’m adding new lines to my shop to cater for all you critter-mad animal lovers out there.  I’m making Plush Pipe beds at the moment.  My product testers (degus Saxon, Pan and Kanga) love theirs.  They’re the ideal size for rats and degus and can fit a whole family inside.  My plans are to make larger ones for guinea pigs and smaller ones for hamsters, mice, gerbils etc.

The Piggy Wagon (below right) is also in the product development stage.  Based on a VW Campervan, it makes me chuckle every time I look at it!  I’m sure Truffle and Tuppence will approve.




Other items (for human use!) added to the shop include a range of Pyramid Purses ideal for small change (below left) and wedding bags (below right).  The wedding bags are beautiful, even though I do say so myself.  All the pearls are hand-stitched onto quilted Duchess satin.  Yum yum.




Also coming up is a decoupage chair tutorial (below left).  I found it surprisingly addictive and I’m looking for my next project already.  I think a small group of mismatched wooden chairs decoupaged in similar colours would look fabulous.

The bookshelf below right is not my next decoupage victim, but Custard’s new cage which I will be featuring in a ‘Pimp My hutch 2’ blog post soon.  I’m passionate about animal welfare if you hadn’t already noticed(!) and I hope to encourage others to give their pets better surroundings.  It’s my own small way of helping…..




Well, the weather has definitely turned and I think we’re heading into autumn now, so there will be plenty of time for lots more sewing, painting and crafting!



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