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Last weekend we enjoyed a trip in our van up to Dumfries and Galloway.  I had ulterior motives (a visit to one of my favourite plant nurseries), but we love the area in general.  It’s full of forests, rolling hills, beautiful beaches and wildlife.  This time we were lucky enough to spot a fox and deer amongst others and I spent a couple of hours happily watching bunnies from the van window.

The nursery itself is run by Elizabeth MacGregor and her family.  Importantly, it also has a large walled garden which lets customers see the plants at their full size and I’m sure must help with sales (below)!


Elizabeth MacGregor Nursery - white wisteria arch

Elizabeth MacGregor Nursery – white wisteria arch


The nursery specialises in unusual herbaceous perennials which is right up my street.  I’ve added a gallery below of some of the varieties.  Please click on the individual photos to find out more about them.



Elizabeth MacGregor also has two very friendly cats called Hamish and Tootsie.  Tootsie is polydactyl which means she has extra toes, but she only has half a tail!

Plants and cats – I was in Heaven!



View of the walled garden at Elizabeth MacGregor's Nursery.

View of the walled garden at Elizabeth MacGregor’s Nursery.


Elizabeth MacGregor has also breed several award-winning plants.  Probably her best known plant is the Chelsea Plant of the Year 2011 – Anemone ‘ Wild Swan’.  It flowers earlier than most with white, blue-backed flowers.  Since then there have been several more incarnations, inlcuding ‘Dreaming Swan’ and ‘Elfin Swan’.  She has also bred many of her own viola cultivars and a new Geum called ‘Scarlet Tempest’ which I have been seeing at shows recently.  The photos below show an overview of some of her stock beds.




I love this little nursery and ended up buying quite a few plants, including Anemone ‘Dreaming Swan’, Sanguisorbia ‘Lilac Squirrel’, Geraniums ‘Elke’ and ‘Cloud Nine’, Potentilla ‘Flamboyant’, Chaerphyllum hirsutum ‘Roseum’, Campanula ‘Ringsabell Mulberry Rose and Violas ‘Zoe’, ‘Gladys Finlay’ and ‘Vanessa’.



While we were in Kirkudbright we also visited Broughton House – home of the painter E. A. Hornel.  As well as a member of the ‘Glasgow Boys’ group of artists, Hornel was also an avid gardener.  Although well mainained, it has an air of being ‘lived in’ and has beautiful views out across the estuary.



Here they raise a hardy orchid – Dactylorhiza ‘Tizzy Hornel’ – which is named after the artist’s sister.  It’s well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

We were also recommended to visit Threave Gardens, but unfortunately it rained the next day so we had to come home.  However, there is something lovely about waking up in the morning on a beach with the howling wind, breaking waves and lashing rain outside, knowing we could just pull the sleeping back up around our ears and go back to sleep in our big blue van…


Hope to see you again soon!


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