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How Does Your Garden Grow?

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In answer to the title of this blog post, our garden has grown considerably.  In fact, it’s now more than twice the size it was!


Our original garden

Our original garden


We have lived here in our terraced house for about 3 years now but the garden has been somewhat neglected (above).  Despite my love of gardening it felt too small and crowded to really make it into a beautiful garden.  Added to this a herd of cattle broke down the inadequate fence last year and trampled the whole thing (below).  We christened this eventful day ‘Cowmageddon’.  Some people would have been upset by this, but I actually found it hilarious.   I had only been talking to the cows the night before – maybe they thought I had invited them in!  Anyway, after negotiating with the farmer to purchase a small corner of his field I think it may now be big enough to get my teeth into.





The plan is to build a wooden workshop for me and a hut with two aivaries for some of my furry friends, and the rest of the new garden (below) will be given over to flowers.  It’s really given me something to look forward to on these bleak February days when spring is only just around the corner but still seems so far away!




On the odd sunny day we’ve had so far I’ve been busy.  The first thing I did was cut back a corner full of brambles (above, bottom right) which will need to be kept on top of over the coming months, and take down some of the fence the cows had broken.  The whole of our old boundary fence has to come down but I will leave that to my husband who has more muscles than me!

I have been researching climbers to cover the new boundary fence to filter the wind.  I have Clematis macropetalas in mind as they are meant to be tough.  Taylor’s Clematis are showing at the Harrogate Spring Show in April and you can order your climbers beforehand and pick them up from the show.  The ground around this part of the world tends to be quite damp and on the acidic side, so I’m going to mix soil conditioner (Just Naturally) into every planting hole and add grit at the base to help with drainage.

I have been enjoying watching the changes in the garden even more since I have been taking our new cat, Kizzy, out for walks whenever I can.  He’s a house cat due to him being partially deaf and the fact we live next to main road, so at first I took him out for walks on a harness and lead.  However, he’s also 12 years old and doesn’t do anything particularly fast so now we go out minus the harness and he enjoys it more.  I’m sure he’ll also make his feelings known about my planting decisions!

I will keep you informed about the garden progress and hopefully I’ll be able to give you some useful tips about plants along the way.  Until next time!










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