About the Project

‘HMV’ is the second watercolour painting in my ‘Antique Cats’ series.  It features Benja Blue, one of the cats I grew up with.  He used to sleep in my bedroom and would always keep me company when I was studying for university.  He was actually born on the same day as me, but in the year 2000.  Sadly he died in 2016 just before his 16th birthday.

Benja was a snow bengal and was very beautiful.  I knew I had to commemorate him in a painting and a gramophone seemed to be the perfect accompaniment because I adore singing and playing music.  I added a metronome in the wall niche and a box of gramophone needles at Benja’s feet (the word ‘ongaku’ on the top of the box means ‘music’ in Japanese).

The actual painting time was 148 hours and 40 minutes (give or take a few!), but I worked on it for well over a year because there were a lot of other things going on at the time.  I was very pleased how the painting turned out in the end and I think it is a fitting tribute to such a special boy.

The Painting

Name: HMV

Medium: Watercolour

Dimensions: H:558mm x W:762mm, excluding frame

For Sale Price: £800.00
Delivery: £10.95

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