Mr Darcy and Jess

About the project

Mr Darcy and Jess are beautiful sibling moggies I was asked to paint for their owner’s birthday.

Darcy is definitely the more outgoing cat and I was able to get some photos of him.  However Jess is very timid and I managed to capture just one shot of her peeping around the sofa.  With this in mind I placed Jess behind Darcy in the painting as I felt that captured her personality.

Darcy is a beautiful blue grey colour with lovely tabby markings, while Jess is a typical ‘tuxedo’ cat.  As they live by the sea I couldn’t resist adding a couple of seagulls in the sky!

The Painting

Name: Mr Darcy and Jess

Medium: Watercolour

Dimensions: H: 160mm x W: 163mm



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