Tauld Tup n Yow

About the project

The ‘Tup n Yow’ of the title refers to the breed of sheep local to Cumbria – the hardy Herdwick who live on the high fells through the worst the weather can throw at them.  They are ‘hefted’ to a fell, which means they remember which fells they ‘belong’ to and generally stay in the same area.  ‘Tup’ is the local word for a ram, while the female ‘ewe’ has been corrupted into ‘yow’ in the local dialect.  I tried to capture the Herdwicks’ distinctive rough coat in the detail of this painting.

The fells in the background are seen from the Wasdale Valley.  From right to left they are: Yewbarrow, Kirk Fell and Great Gable.

The Painting

Name: T’auld Old Tup n Yow

Medium: Watercolour


In the collection of Mr & Mrs Povey


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