Waiting for Spring

About the Project

I met this beautiful German Shepherd outside a pub in Eskdale and I asked the owners if I could take a photo of her while we chatted over a pint. Her name, Cally, is so similar to mine I thought it must be providence and decided to paint her face with her look of wistful longing. Whether painting humans or animals, the face is the most critical part of a painting.

I painted Cally during a particularly long winter and her emotions seemed to capture what I felt at the time: that I was simply waiting for spring. Those words seemed to fit as a title and I decided to add in daffodils as a symbolic representation of the season.

I adore daffodils and have at least 30 varieties in my garden. Those in the painting are the typical wild variety, Narcissus pseudonarcissus, found in Wordsworth’s Lake District, with their nodding heads and simple beauty.

Every part of a painting is important so I spent a lot of time detailing the stonework with a pointillist technique. I find this very effective. One of the most important parts is the shadow area at the bottom right of the painting which helps to add depth.

The little robin represents the last vestiges of winter. Plus he’s cute – what more do you need?

I feel that the dark background helps to give a sense that it is still winter and I think it also gives a Victorian feel to the painting. I am more than happy that I achieved my goal with ‘Waiting for Spring’.

The Painting

Name: Waiting for Spring

Medium: Watercolour

Dimensions: H:380mm x W:295mm, excluding frame | H:605mm x W:510mm, including frame



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