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Elderflower Cream Tart

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As promised, I got my ceramic baking beans and I’m going to show you how to make elderflower cream tarts.  I’m afraid I love tins, so I couldn’t resist paying an extra couple of pounds to get 700g baking beans in a retro Tala tin!


Ceramic baking beans


For the elderflower cream recipe, please click here.

The only other ingredient you will need is some Agar agar to set your cream.  It can be quite expensive in some places, but I got mine cheaply from eBay.  It’s a vegetarian alternative to gelatine made from seaweed, and it comes as a white powder or as beads.  You don’t have to use a lot.  Unfortunately I haven’t got a scale that will weigh small amounts yet, but suffice it to say that for the elderflower cream recipe I poured a little mound into the centre of my palm and that amount worked a treat.  I added it to the pan after the other ingredients and let the mixture cool a little.


Pastry cutting


For this recipe you have to blind-bake your pastry cases as the filling goes in after the pastry comes out of the oven.  If you don’t use them the pastry will become a pastry blob rather than a pastry case!

I used Jus-rol pastry as it is vegetarian and easy to use.  For this recipe I rolled the pastry out as thin as I could get away with.  Elderflower is a delicate flavour and I didn’t want the pastry to overpower it.

After popping a dozen pastry circles into a baking tray, add a square of greaseproof paper into the centre of each one.  Fill each pastry case with baking beans, pressing them down lightly so they reach all the ‘corners’ of the pastry.


Ceramic baking beans in a pastry cases


I actually made a double elderflower cream recipe which not only filled 12 tart cases, but I had more than enough left over to make a large elderflower cream tart as well.  I didn’t have enough baking beans to make the pastry all at once, so after the small tarts had baked I used the same beans for the large tart.  But be warned, the beans get very hot!  I picked up the beans by folding the corners of the greaseproof squares together.  It’s tricky though – I had visions of baking beans going everywhere!


Ceramic baking beans in a pastry case


The pastry cases go in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees centigrade.

When the pastry has cooled slightly, spoon the elderflower cream into each pastry case and then pop them in the fridge.  I find the agar agar doesn’t take long to set the cream.


Elderflower cream tart with edible dianthus flower

Elderflower cream tart with edible dianthus flower


And there you have it – the perfect afternoon treat on a hot summer day!  Serve with a glass of elderflower cordial to continue the theme.  And for an extra-special twist, decorate with sugared edible flowers.  Dianthus (pinks), violas and rose petals are just some of the many garden flowers you can use.  I will write a blog post on how to make sugar flowers soon.


Elderflower cream tarts with sugared viola flowers

Elderflower cream tarts with sugared viola flowers


I hope you enjoy this luscious little treat!


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