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Decoupage Chair Tutorial

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I’ve always wanted to have a go at decoupaging a piece of furniture, and my husband Steve has had a little wooden chair in his workshop that I’ve had my eye on for ages.  But as so often with craft projects, life gets in the way and things take time to formulate in your mind until……..*poof*…….. one day everything comes together and you wonder why it took you so long to get around to it!

The chair was one of those projects: Steve had kindly stripped the chair and painted it white for me (below left); I found the most gorgeous rice paper online featuring blue-tits and clocks from ‘Napkin Shop’ on eBay(below right), and I had a week off looming.



I like furniture when part of it is painted plainly and part of it is decoupaged, but you can do whatever takes your fancy!  I chose to use rice paper because it is very thin and therefore easy to paste around shapes.  Because of its transparency I would suggest painting the parts you wish to decoupage white so that the colours of the paper remain true.



This type of decoupage is also known as ‘decopatch’ and there is a whole range of speciality glues out there for decoupaging furniture, including crackle glues which look nice on vintage items.

The glue I have used here is called ‘decopatch’ and comes in a range of distinctive bottles.  It’s quite expensive for what it is, and my husband assures me that it’s actually just normal PVA which you can pick up a lot cheaper when it isn’t  presented in a fancy green bottle.  You will also need a brush to apply the glue.



You can see in the photo that there is a square rasied area on the seat which I wanted to be the main focal point of the chair (above left).  For these areas I suggest that you get your sheets out and place them carefully so you can get the pattern right before you started cutting and glueing.  I used about two and half sheets for the chair seat (above right), but I also had lots of scraps left over to use on the rest of the chair.  In total I used about 8-10 sheets.

Start by pasting part of the seat with PVA and laying your rice paper pieces carefully on it.  Then also paste glue over the top of the paper.  There is no need to put lots of PVA on, but as it dries clear you don’t have to be too careful.  I was actually surprised by how fast I was able to do this chair.



When you have glued all of the paper on to your seat let it dry before you cut off the excess with a craft knife (below left).  Don’t worry if any pieces rip or come off – you can simply take a scrap and paste it on as necessary – it really is a forgiving craft!



The other parts of the chair can all be covered with scraps (above right).  At this point I didn’t know how many sheets of rice paper I would need for the project.  I had a bit of a panic when I went online and found that the seller had run out of the paper I was using!  After a quick e-mail the very helpful owner of the Napkin Shop let me buy some she had stashed away and I was able to carry on.


Whe you’re finished glueing, use a clear varnish to coat all the decoupaged areas and leave to dry, and you should end up with a beautiful piece of repurposed furniture like the chair below!


Decoupage Chair

Decoupage Chair


If this tutorial has inspired you, please feel free to leave photos of your decoupaged furniture below!



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