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If you’re a keen sewer and sell your work, you will no doubt want customers to be able identify your products.  You can buy commercially-printed tags, but if you fancy having a go at some yourself I’ve done a quick tutorial below.



Making fabric tags is very easy.  All you need is some cotton twill tape available from many internet outlets, a permanent inkpad (I used Ranger Archival Inks) and some alphabet stamps.  You can use any colour you like and any font you wish to make it personal to your brand (below left).



Firstly, it’s a good idea to iron the cotton twill to keep it flat.  I also hold each end between two heavy objects when I’m working to stop it from moving about (above right).

When you ink up the stamp, try to ink up the letter only and not the other parts of the rubber stamp, or this may accidentally transfer to your cotton twill.



You can stamp each letter individually, aligning the top or bottom of each stamp with the cotton twill to keep the lettering straight.  Or, if you have enough letters and you are only going to stamp certain words or sentences each time, you can glue them together as a block so they stay perfectly aligned.  I quite like the ‘handmade’ quality of stamping each letter individually.



Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.  If you’ve used this idea please send me your photos and I will add them here!


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